Step Nine

Give students the tools to help one another.

Provide students with our peer-conferencing form.

Step Six

Teach a strong, clear mini-lesson.

Integrate when  you can. Check out this FREE lesson plan that uses Psalm 23 to teach nouns and verbs.

Step Three

Teach the Writing Process.

Use our Class Tracker to let kids progress at their own pace.

Include all parts of our Sample Lesson Plan.

Step Five

Provide students with choice.

Let students choose their topics and provide optional prompts.

Step Ten

Conference with students to set goals.

Use our goal-setting form to help students make a writing plan.

Step Four

Follow the Writer's Workshop Model.

Step Seven

When conferencing, look for strengths and areas needing work.

Use a rubric to help discover where students need help.

Step Eight

Give students the tools to analyze their own writing.

Provide students with their own rubric to check their writing.

Raise Confidence. Boost Achievement.

Step Two

Work on attitude!

Attend a writing retreat to improve your OWN attitude.

Download our FREE Writer Attitude Measure to work with  your class.

Step One

View our Writer's Workshop DVD.

Ten Steps to Improving Student Writing