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Step Six

Provide strategies for students to learn vocab.

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Step Seven

Encourage students to read independently.

Step Nine.

Integrate reading with science and social studies.

Track student reading in-class and at home. Use this reading log to help students respond thoughtfully.

Provide students with activities like our FREE"Top Ten."


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Step Ten

Model good reading habits for students.

10 Steps to Improving Reading Scores

Set up your own "reading record" by using a website like librarything.com. (View this well-stocked page of recommended children's literature by Professor Krystal Bishop on librarything.com)

Step Eight

Use digital resources to expand your classroom library.

Use our word grid or choose another graphic organizer.

Step Three

Find Creative Ways to Supplement Your Program

Step Two

Provide time for student-led reading groups.

Step Four

Use Literacy Rotations to provide meaningful activity.

Step One.

Conduct both WHOLE and SMALL group reading.

Finally Free, by Sandra Finley Doran, comes with a free unit, integrating reading, social studies, writing and art for students in grades 6-12.

Step Five

Plan specific lessons based on student needs.