Rotation Options


Teacher is instructing the whole class on a single topic. Use this to introduce a concept or engage in a whole-class activity.

Small group of students 1-6 students come to the table to work with the teacher. Use this time to remediate, teach mini-lessons, guide hands-on discovery, and have small group discussions. Those not coming to the table during this rotation may be asked to do Independent Seat Work or Pair-Share time

Students in this rotation are working on independent (already introduced) work (no talking or sharing) while the teacher is instructing another group at the table.

Students in this rotation are answering a prompt or working in the JAM notebook on foldables or other notes. They are working silently.

Students in this rotation are watching tutorials on current topic being taught at,, or They are silently working. Students are recording notes in the second half of their JAM Notebooks.


Students in this rotation are practicing skills. See our Math Apps!

Ipads, Computers or Paper – Students are working on basic math fact mastery. Focus on basic skills needed such as multiplication fact mastery.

Students in this rotation are working at a voice level of a whisper. They are sharing together as a group. Use this rotation for collaborating on assignments,

In this rotation two students from the rotation pair off and find a quiet corner to share what they are working on. Students may engage in peer-tutoring.

Students in this rotation are taking a Test or Quiz.Math 

Practice-Ipads or Computers

Team Talk

Journal About Math (JAM)

Basic Math Drill

Teacher Time

(Kidney Table)

Independent Seat Work

Peer Tutor

Whole Class Instruction

Tutorials-Ipads or Computers

Set up your classroom in 3-4 heterogeneous groups. Each group rotates to a new activity every 15-20 minutes, depending on class length. Students that need extra teacher time can stay with the teacher longer, as needed. Note that not all rotations are assigned daily.

Math Rotations

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